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International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IJIEEE)-IJIEEE
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Volume-5,Issue-6  ( Jun, 2017 )
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Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
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Stuti Dave, Vipul Tejani, Kashyap Pandya
Swaminarayan College of Computer Science, Bhavnagar, Gujarat Database Consultant, Mumbai
Internet provides hugs information and value to the users but at the same time, access to the internet is prone to increasing numbers of attacks. Due to vulnerabilities in the network system, protecting network from malicious activities is prime concern today. Tracing the source of the attacking packet is very difficult because of stateless and destination based routing infrastructure of internet. If the attacks are deleted successfully, then preventive measures for attacks can be taken. Intrusion prevention systems are designed based on the assumption threat the behavior of an intruder is different from a normal user. This paper describes an information sources for intrusion-detection. Combined features of network based intrusion systems, statistical data correlation techniques counteract the rapidly evolving threats presented by the latest generation of warms, software, and network exploits. We propose an intrusion prevention model incorporating features of intrusion detection, prevention and data mining with data correction. Index terms - Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS), Internet Service Provider (IPS), Wired Equivalent Privacy, etc.
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