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Volume-5,Issue-1  ( May, 2017 )
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Derivation of Optimal Cropping Pattern in Sambalpur Distributary using Genetic Algorithm
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Sandeep Samantaray, Ashutosh Rath, Abinash Sahu, Prakash Chandra Swain
M.Tech Scholar, P.Hd Scholar, M.Tech Scholar, Professor
The designs of Water distribution systems are based on certain objectives such as equity, adequacy to access its efficacy. The design of canal systems for distributing the water is based on the size of command areas. Duration of operation. It is a fact that Odisha is a predominantly agrarian state as more than 2/3rd of the state population depends on agriculture. Irrigation is the paramount importance for development of agriculture. The irrigation projects are built up to support crops with adequate water supply during the growing period. Dams are built to store water of monsoon water which was earlier being drained into rivers and sea. Hirakud dam over Mahanadi River in Odisha, India is one of such schemes which was built in the early days of Independence having live storage capacity of 5375 M Cum. After the compilation of all the data and analyzing them using GENETIC ALGORITHM, it is found that the present practice of cultivation, adopted by the farmers is neither sustainable nor a profitable cropping pattern because it yields a net benefit of 445.0 lakhs only over the whole command area. The farmers can earn much more money if they cultivate crops as recommended in this report. The net benefit of 590.70, which is more than the existing crop pattern. Keyword - Command area, Discharge, Crop Optimization and GENETIC ALGORITHM
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