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International Journal of Soft Computing And Artificial Intelligence (IJSCAI)-IJSCAI
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Volume-1,Issue-1  ( May, 2013 )
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Archive Storage Node Using SAFEQ In Sensor Networks
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R.Prem Kumar, B.Krishna Sagar
M.Tech IInd year, CSE, MITS, Assistant Professor, CSE, MITS
In the two tiered architecture the storage node acts as midway tier between sensors and a sink, for data storage and to process the query. By using storage node power and memory of sensors can be saved as well as the processing of query is efficient. Storage node is attractive to attackers, because the safeQ, a protocol prevents attackers accessing information from both the sensor collected data and sink issued queries. SafeQ also allows a sink to get the misbehaving compromised node. To preserve privacy, a novel technique used by SafeQ is to encode both data as well as queries, so that a storage node can correctly process encoded queries over encoded data without knowing their values. To preserve integrity, we introduce two schemes such that Merkle hash trees and a new data structure called neighborhood chains. To generate integrity verification process a sink can use this information to verify whether the result of a query contains exactly thedata items that satisfy the query. The optimization technique called Bloom filters is used to reduce the communication cost between sensors and storage nodes, and it also improves the performance. The compromised sensors can be avoided by authenticating sensors with storage node. So that more security can be provided by authentication as well as memory of storage node can be increased when it is needed by using Archive storage node.
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