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International Journal of Soft Computing And Artificial Intelligence (IJSCAI)-IJSCAI
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Volume-7,Issue-1  ( May, 2019 )
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Edge Computing and Data Mining Techniques for Smart Healthcare using Wearble Devices
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Sushrut Hiray, T.P.Vaidya
Student, Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune Assistant Professor ,Department of Computer Engineering, Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune
This paper presents use of various data mining techniques and use of wearable devices for healthcare. Devices mainly gather the real time data from patient and can store on cloud or for limited time on the device. In this paper we are mainly focusing on various datamining techniques used in decision making and also in emergency call generation. We mainly focused on use of wearable device such as ‘Fitband’ for data collection such as Pulse, Sleep ,pattern , temperature. Collected data can be stored on local memory for one or two days. We can apply some data analytics techniques such as association rules, regressions and statistical methods .We are mainly introducing new concept of ‘Fog computing’ which will give us effective computation speed and fast access to patient .This techniques will reduce the data traffic on smart city network and Emergency can be handled in more precise way. Keywords - Wearable Devices, Association Rule, Data Analytics Techniques, Fog Computing, Smart Healthcare.
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