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Volume-2,Issue-4  ( Apr, 2014 )
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Design And Analysis Of An All Terrain Vehicle
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Gaurav S. Chimote, Kartik P. Rajas, Alok Kumar Mishra
F.Y.B.E. Student, T.Y.B.E. Student, F.Y.B.E. Student, Mechanical Engineering Department, Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering & Technology, Yavatmal- 445001 (Maharashtra)
Abstract- The objectives of this design and analysis of an ATV fun to drive, versatile, safe, durable, and high performance off road vehicle. We have to ensure that the vehicle spastics the limits of set rules. This vehicle must be capable of negotiating the most extreme terrain with confidence and ease. We met these objectives by dividing the vehicle into its major component subsystems. the ATV design on the basis to apply the principles of engineering science to expose their proficiency in the automotive world. The design focuses towards explaining the procedure and methodology used for designing the off road vehicle. We have tried to design an all terrain vehicle that meets international standards and is also cost effective at the same time. We have focused on every single system to improve the performance of each component. Our vehicle can navigate through almost all terrain, which ultimately is the objective behind the making of any all terrain vehicle. We began the task of designing by conducting extensive research of each main component of the vehicle. We did not want to design certain areas such as the frame, and then make the rest to fit. We considered each component to be significant, and thereby designed the vehicle as a whole trying to optimize each component while constantly considering how other components would be affected. This forced us to think outside the box, research more thoroughly, and redesign components along the way in order to have a successful design.
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