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Volume-4,Issue-12  ( Dec, 2016 )
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Experimental Study on Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled With Magnetized Bio-Diesel Blends
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Karthick Duraisamy, Niranjan Nagarajan
CAD Department, EASi Engineering, Bangalore
The modern scenario reveals that the world is facing energy crisis due to dwindling source of fossil fuels. Rapid depletion of the resources as well as the price hike is a matter of severe concern for mankind. This might be the reason for why alternate fuels with magnetization are coming to picture. The discriminate extraction and consumption of fossil fuels have let to reduction in petroleum reserve. People may say that all our resources are still preserved, but it is an exaggeration for the self-satisfaction. The increasing import bill has necessitated the search for fuel as an alternate to the diesel, which is being used in large quantities in Agriculture, transport, commercial and domestic sectors. Environmental awareness and the depletion of the natural resources are driving the researchers to develop viable alternate fuel from renewable resources that are environmentally more accepted. Energy that can be extracted biomass and specific biodiesel is one of the prospect that could cover the future requirement of fossil fuel deficiency. Another prospect is the effect of magnetism of biodiesel blends which rises the performance and reduces the emission. The criteria reveals that the better atomization of the biodiesel and efficient combustion of the air biodiesel mixture. Bio-diesel blends are magnetized by applying the magnet field before fuel injector. The permanent magnet has been used for magnetizing the fuel.. Keywords- Bio-diesel, Alternative fuels, Internal combustion engine fuels, Pre-treatment, Pyrolysis, Water Emulsion, Magnetism, Permanent Magnet, Performance, combustion and emission of magnetized biodiesel blends.
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