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Volume-2,Issue-4  ( Apr, 2014 )
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Application Of Exergy (Availability) Analysis To Spark-Ignition Engines Operation Considering A Single-Zone Combustion Model
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Ankur Manikandan
Department of Mechanical Engineering (UG Student), BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Abstract— This paper reviews the various publications available concerning the application of exergy analysis to internal combustion engines. Over the last 40 years researchers have made findings considering all types of internal combustion engines: spark-ignition engines, compression-ignition engines, turbocharged engines etc. Special attention has been given to the explanation of the concept of exergy and its prominence in the analysis of spark- ignition engines. Analytical analysis has been done on the combustion process that accounts for most of the exergy destruction or irreversibilities, an adiabatic, closed system, single-zone combustion model has been considered for the analysis. Reasons other than combustion for exergy destruction have also been accounted for in the paper. The analytical analysis has not been followed up by experimental results, but the data has been verified by the works of various authors whom have been cited in the paper. Also, the main differences between the first-law and second-law analysis are also highlighted.
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