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Volume-2,Issue-4  ( Apr, 2014 )
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Compressed Air Vehicle: A Review
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Saurabh Pathak, Kontham Swetha, V.Sreedhar, V.S.V Prabhakar
Student, Assistant Professor (Sr.Grade), Associate Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vardhaman College of Engineering-Shamshabad, India
Abstract: The latest trend in the automotive industry is to develop light weight vehicles. Every automotive industry is looking to reduce the weight of the vehicle as it helps in the better handling of the vehicle and increases the efficiency of the vehicle. Today, the heavy vehicles are known for producing a large amount of harmful gases like CO2, SO2 etc. which act as the major source for global warming. So research is going on to find a light weight vehicle which does not pollute the environment. One of the alternatives is the use of compressed air to generate power to run an automobile. Due to the unique and environmental friendly properties of air, it is considered as one of the future fuels which will run the vehicles. So in this paper an effort is made to study the extent of research done and the potential advantages and disadvantages of the compressed air technology.
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