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Volume-4,Issue-10  ( Oct, 2016 )
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Simulation, Analysis and Selection of Muffler For Automobiles
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Rajvardhan Nalawade
College of Engineering. Pune, Maharashtra, India
An indispensable component of any automobile is its exhaust system comprising of exhaust piping, catalytic convertors, muffler and tailpipe. There have been innumerous developments in the exhaust system of a vehicle. A great innovation in this field is the Valve technology to control the decibel level. Not only responsible for noise level reduction, but also horsepower management, the exhaust system is the backbone of the engine. The crucial sub part of an exhaust system is the muffler, which needs to be meticulously designed. Mufflers can be broadly classified into two parts, namely absorptive and reactive. The absorptive is further classified into laminar, straight through and offset. On the other hand, the reactive type is categorized into turbo type and X-type. The above mentioned mufflers are simulated on Wave Build Ricardo software and checked for transmission losses. Accordingly, the transmission loss characteristics of the mufflers are compared. This simulation requires modelling of the five types of mufflers and also creating an acoustic map of the engine in Wave Build Ricardo. Once these mufflers are inserted in the acoustic map and compiled for errors, the simulation is implemented. Keeping in mind the results, a muffler can be chosen for an automobile depending upon the emission norms of the country. Index terms- Muffler, Transmission loss, simulation, acoustic map, absorptive, reactive.
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