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Special Issue 2016  ( Sep, 2016 )
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Smart Power Generation From Waste Heat By Thermo Electric Generator
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Prashantha.K, Sonam Wango
Industrial Automation Engineering Electrical engineering Department, BCET, INDIA Bangalore College of Engineering and Technology
Generating electricity in present there is a shortage of fossil fuel, oil, gas, etc. burning of these fuels causes environmental problem like radio activity pollution, global warming etc. So that these (coal, oil, gas) are the limiting resources hence resulting new technology is needed for electricity generation, by using thermoelectric generators to generate power as a most promising technology and environmental free and several advantages in production. Thermoelectric generator can convert directly thermal (heat) energy into electrical energy. In this TEG there are no moving parts and it can not be produce any waste during power production hence it is consider as a green technology. Thermoelectric power generator convert direct waste heat in to generate electricity By this it eliminated emission so we can believe this green technology. Thermoelectric power generation offer a potential application in the direct exchange of waste-heat energy into electrical power where it is unnecessary to believe the cost of the thermal energy input .This method will have an maximum outcome. The application of this option green technology in converting waste-heat energy directly into electrical power can too improve the overall efficiencies of energy conversion systems. Heat source which is need for this conversion is less when contrast to conventional methods. By using this energy is used to charge the mobile electronics Keywords- Thermoelectric generator, seebeck effect, waste-heat recovery, alternative green technology, direct energy conversion, thermocouple , thermal shield, thermoelectric materials, thermo electric module, thermal fin
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