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Special Issue 2016  ( Sep, 2016 )
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Sliding Wear Study On Heat Treated Free Cut Brass
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Sanjay K N, Ayesha S, Kiran Kumar M, Manjushree K N, Kavya N
Assistant Professor, C .Byregowda Institute of Technology, Kolar, India BE Mechanical, 8th semester, C. Byregowda Institute of Technology, Kolar, India
Copper was one of the first metal ever extracted and used by humans. As a result, copper was important to early humans and continues to be a material of choice for a variety of domestic, industrial, and high technology applications today. Brass is an important alloy of copper which is chosen to study its wear and hardness characteristics. The material chosen for this study is extensively used in automatic screw machine products. In this study, it is aimed to present the experimental results of wear conducted on heat treated and non-heat treated brass. Heat treatment temperatures selected are 500oCand 600oC on specimens as per ASTM standards. This paper involves the graph of hardness value v/s heat treatment temperature and wear rate v/s heat treatment temperature as per results obtained on different conditions. Keywords- Brass, Heat treatment, hardness, wear, wear rate, temperature.
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