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Special Issue 2016  ( Sep, 2016 )
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Design And Finite Element Analyses Of Resilient Wheel With Honeycomb Structure
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Murali B, Prasanta Kumar Samal, Lakshmikantha K S
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
For a robot the wheels are the suitable elements among other possibilities including legs, flying, swimming, etc. A system with wheels provides controlled speed, accuracy and stability for a robot. These three characteristics are very important in designing and building robots. Light weight wheels with high load carrying capacity is one of the major requirement. This paper aims at development of wheels for a robot. The solid model was prepared using CATIA V5, and finite element analyses were carried out using ANSYS Workbench for the robot wheel. Polypropylene was used as material for the model. In this study two wheel designs; one from I-Robot corp., and other from Boston Robotics, were modelled, analyzed and results were compared. The advantages of both designs were incorporated in a third design. Wheels with hexagonal honeycomb spokes was designed and analyzed. The finite element analyses were done for three different spoke angles of the wheel. The results obtained were compared and the best design is proposed for future experimental study. Keywords- Honeycomb Spokes, Wheel Design, FEA, Static Analysis
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