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Volume-4,Issue-2  ( Feb, 2016 )
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Time Saving Strategy For Finite Element Analysis Of Transformer Tank
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Mir Aamir Abbas
Senior analyst, simulation, Hubbel Burndy, India
The mechanical design validation of transformer is usually performed in the engineering industry by finite element analysis. Ideally the analysis should be nonlinear incorporating both geometric as well as material nonlinearities but due to time and computational constraints, often the analysts prefer to perform linear analysis while trying to keep the induced stresses well below the yield point at all locations other than regions of concentrated stress which will get relieved by yielding of the material. The design validation is required for both pressure as well as vacuum tests. The analysts usually perform the simulations for pressure and vacuum separately. In this paper, a time saving strategy that saves almost half of the analysis time is explained and demonstrated. The tremendous time saving along with the perfect accuracy is achieved by this method. Keywords- Stress analysis, Linear analysis, Pressure test, FEA
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