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Volume-1,Issue-5  ( Nov, 2013 )
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Primary Design Of Oscillatory Shaft Engine Resulting Higher Engine Efficiency
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Sushant Puranik, Prasad Shirvalkar
ME in design and thermal from IET DAVV, Indore, India mechanical engineering, ACROPOLIS TECHNICAL CAMPUS, Indore, India
The purpose of this research is to design and suggest a new mechanism other than the very conventional inversion of single slider crank chain mechanism to be used in highly versatile internal combustion engines mainly used in automobiles. Yet another objective of the invention is to provide a structure for the internal combustion engine with no hot load bearing sliding elements. Although it will definitely take time to change the existing design and implement the new design suggested but it will definitely transfer motion more efficiently and in turn will produce more power output. The advantage of getting higher efficiency will definitely reduce the fuel consumption and look at a lucrative option but there is also a secondary advantage of this oscillatory shaft engine which is of lesser initial cost.I is evident when investigating the cyle of internal combustion engine, only 40 or lesser amount of heat energy is converted in to useful work and the major part of energy is dissipated as losses. This new INTERNAL COMBUTION ENGINE generates 1.55 times higher.
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