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Volume-1,Issue-3  ( Sep, 2013 )
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Material Selection and Parameter Characterization For RF MEMS Switches
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Auritro Paldas, Navneet Gupta
Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, BITS – Pilani
RF MEMS Switches are rapidly replacing the FET & PIN based switches as they offer a large spectrum of advantages over the traditional switches, most notable of which are their high isolation, low insertion loss, ultra low power consumption and high bandwidth. The spectrum of materials available to designers for the manufacturing of various components of these switches is continuously expanding. This calls for a systematic approach in material selection, looking into the parameters of the switch which need to be optimized for better performance, and how a particular material choice affects these parameters. This paper looks into the types of RF MEMS switches, characterizes a few parameters which affect their performances, and suggests using the Ashby approach that for low pull-down voltages, high switching speeds and lower losses, Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) is the best material choice for the dielectric layer, and Aluminum and Silicon Dioxide are the best choices for the membrane.
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