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Volume-1,Issue-2  ( Aug, 2013 )
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Pool Boiling Characteristics Of Water Over A Horizontal Stainless Steel Tube Heater
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R. Muruganantham, G.Vignesh, R.Vignesh, P.Madhan, R.Kathiravan
Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2 Professor and Head, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, PMU , Vallam, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu State, Indi
The purpose of this experiment is to study heat transfer characteristics of water through pool boiling over horizontal stainless steel tube heater from the heat flux 20 kw/m 2 to CHF (critical heat flux) the present experiment data is compared with that of the existing correlations such us rohsenow, cornwell-houston, zuber’s, kruzhilin, kutateladze and labuntsov correlation it is found that the experiment data had good aggrement with cornwell-houston, kruzhilin, kutateladze correlation with an error band of ±15, ±20, ±20 respectively. In order to minimize the error band, the pool boiling experimental data of water have been analyzed by regression analysis in the general form of heat tranfer coefficient h=aq b and the coefficient of equation a= 0.19 and intex of equation b=0.80 were calculated. This correlation found ±7 percent of error with that of experimental data.
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