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Volume-11,Issue-9  ( Sep, 2023 )
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Study of Tensile, Flexural and Water Absorption Characteristics of Screw Pine/ Bagasse Fibre Reinforced Hybrid Composite
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Aman Shukla, Shiv Kumar
The goal of the study is to perform a thorough analysis of the mechanical properties and water absorption characteristics of hybrid epoxy composites made of Screw Pine fibre (pandanus tectorius) and Bagasse fibre (saccharum officinarum). The major objective of this study is to effectively utilize the properties of natural fibres and make them combine with epoxy resin. This experiment maintains the same epoxy resin to fibre ratio of 60:40 while using screw pine and bagasse fibres in a range of fibre compositions. By adding bagasse and screw pine fibres to the composite at three different weight ratios (60:20:20, 60:10:30, and 60:30:10), three distinct samples were created to achieve the desired results. After sample preparation, many tests were carried out to assess the sample's mechanical properties and water absorption behaviour was studied. A thorough analysis of the data reveals that adding more screw pine fibre to Screw Pine/Bagasse hybrid composites raises their tensile strength while lowering their flexural strength and water absorption percentage. Conversely, adding more bagasse raises their flexural strength and water absorption. When the screw pine fibre is increased from 10% in S2 to 30% in S3, the water absorption decreases by 12.7%. Keywords - Screw pine, Bagasse, Epoxy, Reinforcement
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