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Volume-11,Issue-9  ( Sep, 2023 )
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Design, Analysis & Weight Reduction of Disc Rotor For All Terrain Vehicle Using Topology Optimization
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Adarsh Singh
The brake rotor (disc) which rotates with the wheel, is clamped by brake pads (friction material) fitted to the caliper from both sides with pressure from the piston(s) (pressure mechanism) and decelerates the disc rotation, thereby slowing down and stopping the vehicle. With the combined effect of temperature rise and mechanical forces, the rotor deforms. The material used to manufacture disc rotors is SS410. Topology optimization is capable to produce reliable and satisfactory results with the verified design model. The purpose of this project is to design a disc rotor of a braking system for an ATV vehicle that can produce adequate braking force while being as lightweight as possible. The results of the design exhibit that the weight of a new disc rotor is 24.53% less as compared to the OEM disc rotor and it has identical performance as the OEM disc rotor. Keywords - SS410, OEM, SAE, Topology Optimization, Disc Rotor, Shape Optimization, ATV.
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