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Volume-11,Issue-9  ( Sep, 2023 )
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A Comparative Study on the Convective Heat Transfer Performance of Novel Bead-Shaped Fin Heat Sink Over Cylindrical Fin Type Made from Alsi10mg Alloy
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Gijoy S., Vipin V., K. E. Reby Roy, Rejin S.
The heat sink is a passive heat exchanger that controls temperature by dissipating heat away from the device it is used on and into a fluid medium. Although heat sinks come in various shapes, the cylindrical fin type is the most popular. Electronic devices are becoming compact; however, the need for heat transfer still increases. Modifications should be made to the available heat sinks to handle the increasing demand for effective heat transfer. The present work is the numerical analysis and investigation of the heat transfer capability of a novel bead-shaped fin heat sink. The current work uses a computational technique to compare the heat transfer capability of cylindrical and bead-shaped fin heat sinks made from AlSi10Mg alloy. The proposed novel model maintained the size of the fins in comparison with the cylindrical fin heat sink. From the simulation, it was found that the heat transfer characteristics of the proposed heat sink are higher than those of the cylindrical fin heat sink. Keywords - Heat sink, Heat exchanger, Cylindrical fin, Bead-shaped fin, AlSi10Mg
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