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Volume-11,Issue-9  ( Sep, 2023 )
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Transmissibility Analysis of Suspension System for Quarter Car Model
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Yin Yin Aye, Htay Htay Win, War War Min Swe, Aung Ko Lat
Quarter car model is the simplest way for the analysis of vehicle suspension system with three degree of freedom system. This research focuses ontransmissibility analysis of suspension system for quarter car model by theoretical and experimental approach. Theoretical calculation of transmissibility, phase angle are considered using Matlab software. Transmissibility and phase angle are calculated based on the damping ratio 0.2 to 0.4 and various velocity. According to the theoretical results, the maximum value of transmissibility and phase angle are found that on damping ratio 0.2.Accelerometer and data acquisition system (Quantum X using catmanAP V5 software) are used for experimental test of vibration system. Actual damping ratio is calculated based on the experimental results of time domain response. Experimental damping ratio (0.22) is getting by using the logarithmic decrement method. For any damping ratio, maximum transmissibility value is forming at the frequency ratio 1(resonance point). Theoretical and experimental results of maximum transmissibility and phase angle are (2.7 and 129 degree) and (2.5 and 122 degree) respectively. These theoretical and experimental results are less than the acceptable limit (3.5 and 135 degree) ofunder damped case in resonance point. Keywords - Damping ratio, Experimental test, Matlab software, Phase angle, Transmissibility
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