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Volume-11,Issue-6  ( Jun, 2023 )
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A Study on Hydrogen and CNG as Fuel in IC Engines- A Critical Review
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Chouhan Balaji, Ravi Kumar Puli
Since it is well recognised that the use of conventional fossil fuels is rising daily, energy conservation and environmental protection have emerged as important focus areas of concern. Finding alternate energy is therefore imperative. The purpose of this study is to examine the efficiency, performance, and emissions of single-cylinder engines powered by pure natural gas and by blends of natural gas and hydrogen. It was found that the engine performance was severely reduced when hydrogen/methane blend fuels were used in place of natural gas. The impact of pollutants and the fuel usage associated with brakes were considered. The higher hydrogen content of the blends was responsible for both the increase in NOx and the decrease in HC and CO. As the hydrogen component increased, the fuel usage for brakes reduced. Without sacrificing performance, using HCNG at comparatively thinner fuel-air mixes and reduced engine emissions. Keywords - Hydrogen Fuel, CNG, Diesel engine, Emissions, Exhaust Gas, and HCNG
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