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Volume-11,Issue-4  ( Apr, 2023 )
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Reduction of Waste and Lean Grade Iron Resources to Give DRI: The Study of its Reduction Parameters
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Rahul Sen, Deeksha Gupta, Upender Pandel
Waste to useful product development is the current need of society. In this research work, an attempt has been made to reduce the mill scale with lean grade iron ore using lean grade coal to DRI (Direct reduced iron). Mill scale is a steel rolling waste and DRI is useful raw material, which can be directly melted into EAF (Electric arc furnace) to produce steel. It means totally waste or lean grade materials used to give some useful output. In this paper some of the reduction parameters of research work have been discussed. The experiment was conducted by making pellets of mill scale by mixing it with lean grade iron ore in different percentage: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% mill scale (rest iron ore). Pellets stability was studied by green crushing strength, cold compressive strength and porosity measurement. Followed by direct reduction of these pellets at different temperature (850oC, 900oC, 950oC, 1000oC) and time (15-90 min). Result shows that cold compressive strength increases with increase in mill scale content but green crushing strength decreasesand porosity decreases with increase in mill scale content. It was determined that degree of reduction increased with increase in time and temperature of the reaction, the maximum percentage reduction was obtained at 1000oC of sample 4(75% mill scale+25% iron ore) when reduced for 90 minutes. Keywords - Mill Scale, Reduction, Waste Utilization, Lean Grade Coal
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