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Volume-11,Issue-4  ( Apr, 2023 )
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The Effect of The Adjacent Tooth and Rim Elasticityon Fatigue Behavior in Thin-Rimmed Spur Gears
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Ivan Čular, Krešimir Vučković, Robert Mašović, Dragan Žeželj, Ivica Galić
Thin-rimmed gears are often used in industries requiring lightweight components, such as aerospace industries. However, the existing standards and typical simulation methods often induce errors when estimating the bending fatigue life of a gear, such as neglecting the elasticity of the rim and the adjacent tooth effect. In this paper, an already established and experimentally validated computational model is applied to thin-rimmed spur gears to estimate the bending fatigue lives. Moreover, a comparison between various estimation approaches with respect to different bending stress cycles is made. It can be concluded that finite element analysis without considering the adjacent tooth effect overestimates the actual results significantly, while ISO 6336 standard underestimates them, particularly in low-cycle fatigue regions. Keywords - Thin-rimmed Gear, Bending Fatigue Life, Strain-life Method, Finite Element Analysis, Adjacent Tooth Effect
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