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Volume-11,Issue-3  ( Mar, 2023 )
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Regression Analysis of Tool Vibration and Surface Finish in Milling of EN31 Alloy Steel Using Nano Fluids Lubrication
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Ravi Verma
In manufacturing, various machining techniques have been employed by different researchers to carry out the optimum points of parameters during certain range. One of such technique is face milling. The optimum points of the different machining parameters speed (CS, feed and depth of cut have been found out previously. Here in this research, the parameters other than these usual factors viz. coolant flow rate (CR), coolant absorption (CC), Nano-fluid (NF) dilution in terms of percentage have been assumed. Desirability functional approach (DFA) carried out for finding out the optimum points of the said factors contrary to the outcomes considered as tool vibration surface finishing of the work sample alloy metals. Fly ash Nano particles in non-synthesized form diluted in the lubricant in altered ratio is used. After applying DFA, the prime levels of the factors acquired as CS 1250 rpm, CR- 80 ml/hr, NF- 1%, CC- 60 percent by water. Following the DFA, regression analysis is performed to see that how the input and output characteristics mutually behaves. Keywords - Surface Finish; Tool Vibration: Nanoparticles Fluid; Face Milling: DFA
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