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Volume-11,Issue-3  ( Mar, 2023 )
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RC Design of Hal Tejas
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Pragati Singla, Adarsh Aditya Mishra, Steshu Singh, Kartik Thakur
HAL TEJAS MK1 is smallest and lightest aircraft in its class like it is dimensionally smallest which is coupled with extensive use of composite structure to make aircrafts lighter. So similar to this RC PLANE of this TEJAS is a radio-controlled aircraft that is controlled remotely by an operator on the ground using a hand held radio transmitter by which transmitter continuously communicates with a receiver within a craft that send signals to servo-motors. RC planes are used to do basically experiments, weather forecasting, aerodynamic modelling and testing . So the main purpose is to do aerodynamic modelling and testing and the purpose of the research paper is to (DESIGN RC AIRCRAFT MODEL). This plane is created to encourage all those enthusiastic students who are interested to create RC planes to get and overview of construction of miniature flying aircrafts. Keywords - RC, Electric Motor, Aspect Ratio, Wing Loading, Swept Wing.
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