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Volume-11,Issue-1  ( Jan, 2023 )
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Optimize of the Physical and Mechanical Characterizations of Hydroxyapatite-Bioactive Glass-Ceramic Composite a using Genetic Algorithm
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Mohammed A. Ahmed al-Dujaili, Shaker J. Edrees, Raghda Ibrahim Abdalwahad
Abstract - In the current work, Hydroxyapatite and bioactive glass-ceramic were synthesized via chemical precipitation approach and melt derived method, respectively. Hydroxyapatite/ bioactive-glass ceramic mixture was obtained through solid-state reaction by adding (0 wt.%, wt.5%, wt.15%, and 25wt.%) of bioactive glass-ceramic to the hydroxyapatite and then sintered at 1200° C. X-Ray diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscope techniques, immersion in simulated body fluid, mechanical characterization and physical characterization were calculated to evaluate the characteristics of the sintered samples. X-ray diffraction showed the decomposition of hydroxyapatite into beta-tricalcium phosphate and alpha-tricalcium phosphate. Furthermore to the formation of new phases such as (Ca5 (PO4)2 SiO4), (Na3Ca6 (PO4)5), and (Ca7 (PO4)2 (SiO4)2). After immersion in simulated body fluid, it was found that the bioactivity was enhanced with increasing the bioactive glass-ceramic content. Then, the obtained results of the mechanical and physical properties were optimized using the genetic algorithm method. Keywords - Chemical Precipitation Approach; Hydroxyapatite; Melt Derived Process; Bioactive Glass-Ceramic; Simulated Body Fluid; Genetic Algorithm.
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