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Volume-10,Issue-11  ( Nov, 2022 )
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A Literature Review on Identification &Analysis of Human Errors in Emergency Situation at Footwear Industry
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N. Dilipraja, D. Surrya Prakash, R.Gobi
Abstract - The primary objective/goal of any industries will be zero accident rate. The policies and procedure will be formulated to accomplish the reduced accident rate. The human errors plays vital role on any industrial disasters. These error can't be nullified but the error are reduced to minimal level/range by proper analysis and analysis of the root causes of accidents. This project mainly focus on the handling of major /abnormal / adverse situation & its reduction methods on footwear industry. These include the identification of the nature of the jobs/task carried out with their risk on the footwear industries at primary stage. Then the identification of the possible human error at the task on the footwear processing industry. Then the human error reduction techniques will be applied among them, here in this project we going deploy with HEART & SHERPA methods. The outcome will be the reduction of the human error took place on the task & emergency situations on the footwear industry. Keywords - Human Error, SHERPA, HEART, Accident Analysis, Footwear Industry, Emergency Situation
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