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Volume-10,Issue-4  ( Apr, 2022 )
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Intelligent Connected Mobility 4.0: Legislative Initiatives at the Domestic Level
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Olga Shevchenko
Abstract - The rapid growth in the deployment of intelligent connected driving in the European Union (EU) has had an undeniable effect at the domestic level. Given the absence of uniform regulations for intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) at the supranational level, EU member states have made certain attempts towards regulation at the national level. To locally ensure smooth and unambiguous deployment of ICVs, Germany has already introduced the first legislative initiative for the regulation of ICVs at the domestic level, where as the United Kingdom provides an approach to regulation acceptable in common law system countries. Simultaneously, some EU-member states pursue the so-called status quo or laissez-faire approach, whereas others stand between two regulatory options, such as those that regulate ICV public testing at the experimental stage of ICV deployment. This conference paper (1) discloses the current legislative initiatives vis-à-vis the regulation of ICVs at the national level and (2)scrutinises both convergences and divergences in domestic ICV-related regulatory strategies. Keywords - Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICVs), Statusquo or laissez-Faire Approach, Civil Liability Regulation, ICV Deployment, ICV Public Testing.
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