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International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE)-IJMPE
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Volume-10,Issue-4  ( Apr, 2022 )
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Realization of Safe Manual Control for Electrically - Assisted Bicycle
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Ryo Suzuki, Yuya Namekawa, Soshi Takimoto, Kazuki Shiino, Yasuyuki Satoh, Masami Iwase
Abstract - In this study, we aim to improve the maneuverability and posture stability of the bicycle. In order to achieve the purpose, we try to implement a posture stabilization control system by applying Safe Manual Control (SMC) to bicycles equipped with a steer-by-wire mechanism. In this paper, we first design the posture stabilization control system based on a bicycle model considering the movement of the center of gravity of the passenger. Next, we design an observer and apply it to the posture stabilization control system. Finally, we design the SMC and combine it to the posture stabilization control system. As a result, the posture of the vehicle body was stabilized at an arbitrary equilibrium point, and it was possible to confirm the posture stability of the passenger to reduce a risk of falling over the steering. Keywords - Electrically – Assisted Bicycle, Safe Manual Control, Steer - by - Wire, Posture Stabilization
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