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Volume-10,Issue-3  ( Mar, 2022 )
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Production, Purification and analysis of Levogluocsan from Lignocellulosic Biomass by using Novel Process Intensification Techniques
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P.B.Sahithi, P.Raja Rao
Abstract – Bio processing for cell treatment is an order that scaffolds the cell treatment and bioprocessing (i.e. biopharmaceutical manufacturing) fields and is a sub-field of bioprocess construction. The quantification of the individual anthocyanins was made by the mean of the calibration curve obtained with standard solutions of malvidin-3-monoglucoside chloride (>95% purity.) Chromatographic analysis for levoglucosan under the optimal experimental conditions along with the study of influence of changing the pre-treatment temperature on the overall yields of various pyrolysis bio-oils was reported in this research work. Additionally, in the present work the relevant biological, biotechnological, and technological challenges have been discussed that need to be addressed to establish pyrolysis oil as a reliable microbial feedstock for a bio-based economy of the future. Keywords - Anthocyanins, Bioprocessing, Malvidin-3-monoglucoside Chloride, Microbial Feedstock, Multifunctional, Pyrolysis, Thermal Decomposition, Ultrasonic Cavitation
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