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Volume-10,Issue-3  ( Mar, 2022 )
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Fabrication and Mechanical Properties Analyses of Coir, Glass, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy-Based Composite
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Bhevendra Das Sahu, Biplab Das, Prateek Gupta
Abstract - Sustainable development and environmental awareness are attracting researchers towards naturally occurring resources. Fiber-reinforced polymer composites have many qualities which include low weight, easy availability, biodegradability, high strength to weight ratio, low cost of production, etc. In this work, both synthetic and natural fibers are used to get a new composite. Three composites have been prepared (A1, A2, A3) with the same stacking sequence. For this experiment, the coir fiber (20% of weight percentage) and synthetic glass and carbon fiber mats are used as reinforcement while thermosetting polymeric resin Epoxy is used as matrix material. Also, this work shows the effect of alkali treatment in natural fiber. The tensile strength, flexural strength, Hardness test has been done with NaOH treated fiber, Hot water treated fiber, and untreated fiber as per ASTM D638, ASTM D790, and ASTM D2583, standard respectively. The results show the significant improvement in Tensile and Flexural strength of composite with treated fibers. Keywords - Coir fiber, Carbon fiber, Glass fiber, Epoxy, Hardener.
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