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Volume-8,Issue-6  ( Jun, 2020 )
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Prediction of Angular Distortion in MIG Welded Stainless Steel 409L Plates by Mathematical Modeling
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 Rishabh Narang, Vibhu Maheshwari, Pradeep Khanna
Student, Department of MPAE, NSUT, New Delhi-110078, India Student, Department of MPAE, NSUT, New Delhi-110078, India Associate Professor, Department of MPAE, NSUT, New Delhi-110078, India
MIG welding is a preeminent joining process in which metalcoalesces by fusion and is extensively used in a variety of fabrication works. With the advancements in the field of industrial automation and availability of sophisticated power sources, it is now possible to achieve high production rates, repeatability, and weld quality. The significant amount of arc heat is used for the melting of faying surfaces which when followed by rapid cooling results in a number of micro and macro level changes in the resulting weld. One such physical change caused by the non-uniform rates of heating and cooling result in angular distortion of the weldment, which not only affects the aesthetics of the weld but also results in the misfit of the components with parent structure. It should be the endeavor of the weld engineer to keep this distortion to the minimum possible limit. The present work on SS409L aims to investigate the various impacts of welding input parameters on angular distortion. The experiments were perpetrated in a methodical manner and central composite face centered design(CCFD) technique was employed to generate the mathematical equation. The cumulative curve was determined by the welding parameters which were taken at five different levels. The model has been optimized by using response surface methodology (RSM). The research work carried out is expected to be useful for industry and for further advanced studies on the subject. Keywords - Angular Distortion, Input Parameters, Mathematical Equation, MIG Welding, Stainless Steel
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