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Volume-7,Issue-10  ( Oct, 2019 )
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Research into the Mechanical Property Test of the PDMS Soft Mold under Different Conditions on Solid State SU8
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Yung-Jin Weng, Cheng-Hung Hsueh, Po-Wei Huang
Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, National Chiayi University, No.300 Syuefu Rd., Chiayi City 600, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
This research tests the mechanical properties of solid state SU8 under an different condition Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) soft mold, designs one set of Pin on Disk friction tester, uses curing agents of different proportions and material components of PDMS (1:10, 1:5) as the main agent composite proportion as a means of pressure load end, and conducts research into the mechanical property testing of solid state SU8 with different pressure load, while ANSYS simulation is used to provide related data for mechanical property testing to coordinate verification. The experimental results show that, the greater the ratio between curing agent and resist agent, the better the mechanical property and the stronger the strength of PDMS testing with different proportions of curing agent, main agent composite, and mechanical property of SU8; in terms of friction testing, the composite proportion of PDMS 1:5 to the wearing of SU8 is higher than 1:10 and presents a linear trend, which is the same as the simulation. The results of this research will provide a reference basis for micro system processing in the process of implementation. Keywords - Mechanical Property, PDMS, SU8, Friction Test, Tensile Test.
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