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Volume-7,Issue-10  ( Oct, 2019 )
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Design of Automotive Power train Components using Light-Weighting Materials
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Yaomin Dong, Bassem Ramadan, Javad Baqersad
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University, Flint, MI 48504, USA
Automotive powertrain systems include engines and transmissions. Automotive manufacturers have been making constant efforts to improve the powertrain systems for higher fuel efficiency, increased temperature resistance, mass and cost reduction, etc. For this work, transitioning powertrain components from metallic to non-metallic materials are investigated. Finite element analysis (FEA) is performed in the redesign of the engine cam cover. The purpose of cam covers is to cover the engine cam that open/close the exhaust and intake valves, keep oil in the engine using elastomer gaskets, and reduce engine noise. The objectives of the design analysis are to determine deformation and stresses of the cam cover using different light-weighting materials to for mass reduction. Several light-weighting materials are used in this research. The performance of these materials is ranked, and the material of choice for this application is recommended to reduce the mass and cost. Keywords - Light-Weighting Materials, Powertrain Systems, Finite Element Analysis, Deformation, Mass Reduction.
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