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Volume-2,Issue-12  ( Dec, 2014 )
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Numerical Simulation Of Heat Transfer In Channels With Different Ribs
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Vineela Devi Boga, S. Jayavel
Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Department, IIITD&M Kancheepuram, Chennai, India
Numerical simulations are employed to study the effect of the heat transfer, flow field in a square channel with different ribs (rectangular/triangular/semi-circular and triangular). Standard k- ߝ turbulence model and enhanced wall treatment are used to produce the simulations. The inflow Reynolds number is varied from 5000 to 10000. A two- dimensional domain of the square channel is considered. All the ribs were uniformly spaced in channels with a pitch-to- height ratio of 4, a base width-to height ratio of 2. X-momentum and energy equations with appropriate boundary conditions at the inlet, outlet and confining walls are solved based on finite volume method using the flow solver, Fluent. The computed results are validated with those available in literature. The research is further extended to a three dimensional domain of the square channel. The effect of the angle of the ribs at which they are inclined in the flow domain is studied. The work is further extended to study the effect of height of the ribs. For the considered square channel, the optimized shape of the ribs, the optimized angle of the rib inclination and the optimized height of the ribs are identified. Keyword- Turbulent flow, square channel with ribs, k-ε turbulence model, average surface Nusselt number, Skin friction coefficient.
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