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Volume-7,Issue-1  ( Jan, 2019 )
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Experimental Investigation on Usage of Cottonseed Oil and Esterifies Cottonseed Oil as Lubricant in IC Engines
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Siraskar Gulab Dattrao, Ramchandra S. Jahagirdar, Vishnu D. Wakchaure
Assistant Professor, Mechanical engineering, Pimpri chinchwad College of Engineering &Research, Ravet, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Due to growing environmental concerns and the depletion of the world’s crude oil, vegetable oils are finding their way into lubricants for industrial and transportation applications. Emphasis on the development of renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly lubricants has resulted in the widespread use of natural oils and fats. The substitution of mineral oil with vegetable oil as a base stock for an environment friendly lubricant in a CI engine is explored in this study without adding any additives. The experiments have been conducted with cotton seed oil, and compared with SAE20W40 mineral oil. The viscosity and engine oil temperature. The engine performance and emission tests were carried out on a single cylinder, water cooled, 4-stroke CI engine. Bio based lubricant gave give good result and their viscosity was within range, the test were carried out for 96 hours it is observed that bio based lubricant start deteriorating after 96 hours of working. To improve life performance of cottonseed oil esterfication is done and then it is tested on single cylinder SI engine with blend of which shoes improved result. Keywords- Bio Degradable, Lubricant, Cotton Seed Oil , Esterification, I.C. Engine
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