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Volume-6,Issue-7  ( Jul, 2018 )
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Development of Aqua Exhaust Test Rig
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Supriya Morye, Sameer Mestry, Prajkta Desai, Akshay Parulekar, M.T.Sawant
BE in Mechanical Engineering SSPM’s College of Engineering, Kankavli, Maharashtra, India Professor Mechanical Dept. SSPM’s College of Engineering, Kankavli, Maharashtra, India
In our day to day life we have to suffer from many air pollution related problem. The air pollution is mainly caused due to the exhaust from the vehicles, industries, power plants. The main pollutants in the exhaust are the carbon monoxide (CO), unburned hydrocarbon (UBHC), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and Lead. so, our main objective is to reduce the air pollution by using aqua exhaust test rig .And from this point of view ,we have to control over the noise and emission of the exhaust. By fitting aqua exhaust at the end of exhaust pipe we can reduced not only noise but also harmful gases present in the exhaust. Sound produced under water is less hearable than it produced in atmosphere. The small sprocket in the water molecule lowers the amplitude of the sopund waves. So, by using this property of water which reduce the noise pollution hence its name as AQUA EXHAUST. Instead of using catalytic converter, use of cheap chemicals and easily available charcoal reduces the more amounts of air and noise pollution. According to design the main advantage of aqua exhaust it is best efficient in industrial sector. Eg. Cashew factories. Keywords- Aqua exhaust, Industrial Exhaust, pollutants, chemicals.
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