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Volume-6,Issue-1  ( Jan, 2018 )
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Experimental Measurement of Inverse Flow using Five-hole Probe
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Ramin Kamali Moghadam
Aerospace Research Institute, Tehran, Iran, P.O.B 14665834.
A new experimental method is proposed to measure the inverse flow using the five-hole probe. Due to limitation of the five-hole probe in measurement of directangle of mean flowfield, the conventional measurement methods are not able to measure the inverse flow. The new proposed experimental method makes able the five-hole probe to measure the inverse flow by installing the probe once windward to the flow and another time by its installing leeward to the main flow. To create an inverse flow, a vertical flat plate is located at center of wind tunnel test section. The experimental tests were carried out in an open-circuit wind tunnel where the free stream velocity is set to a value 24.5 m/s. Moreover, to be sure of right experimental measurement, an incompressible pressure-based CFD code is applied to solve the turbulent flow field around the flat plat and compare the results with those of the experimental measurements. Keywords - Experimental measurement, Five-hole probe, Inverse flow, Numerical simulation.
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