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Volume-6,Issue-1  ( Jan, 2018 )
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A Fuzzy Logic Approach to The Settlement of The Problems Arising in The Just-In-Time Production System: A Case Study of Toyota
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Tulay Korkusuz Polat, Busra Cakir
Sakarya University
What is desired in the just-in-time production system is the availability of as many demands as needed in the right place when they will be used. In this system, one avoids the cost of inventory keeping by setting the lot size and the order quantity at the optimum level. The assembly and plastic plant of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey uses the parts it procures from a large number of suppliers both in the country and abroad. These parts are taken into the plant and the shortterm PC Inventory area and transported to the line side by the dolly operator at the time of their use. The flow of the line should be provided for 24 hours. This study aimed to carry on the flowing assembly line with complete parts and the plant logistics at the possible minimum abnormality level. In this line, it was aimed to keep the abnormalities occurring in supply and plant logistics at the minimum level and to reduce their effects. For this purpose, a fuzzy model was set up with the MATLAB program in order to detect the variables affecting the abnormalities in advance and to determine how the system will react in the possible situations of these variables. Key Words - Supply Chain Management, Fuzzy Logic, MATLAB
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