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Volume-2,Issue-11, Special Issue-2  ( Nov, 2016 )
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New Directions For Solving Action to Migrant Worker Problems: A Case Study of Chonburi Province, Thailand
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Sudawan Somjai
Ph.D. Program, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Thailand
This paper attempted to identify problems of migrant workers in Chonburi Province, Thailand, to investigate the current actions of the problem- solving and limitations, and to suggest directions for future solutions to the issue. The qualitative method was employed by use of in- depth and focus group interview technique. The findings unveiled that a significance of solving actions for the migrant worker problems in Chonburi Province was lower than it should have been. The current situation revealed a requirement of integration and cooperation among different organizations to solving the issue as well as stricter enforcement of related laws and regulations. The study also suggested a modification of problem- solving direction based on a holistic magnitude that addressed more on the issue of migrant worker protection and the process of rectifying the illegal worker status, which could result in meeting workforce demand of the country. Index Terms- Migrant Workers, Labor Protection, Illegal Workers
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