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Volume-2,Issue-10  ( Oct, 2016 )
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Exploring the Cognition Schema Change of Facebook Users: Aqualitive Perspective
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Department of Information Management,Taiwan, ROC
The emergence of Facebook as a new culture on the Internet is apparent in the worldwide social communication and will continuously dominate the Internet communitywithin a few years. Thus, the task for marketers to understand users and potential users has become critical. The main purposes of this study were twofold. First, we conducted by qualitative research and systemically investigated the cognitive change of the people from the cognition-based perspective. Second, from the viewpoint of cognitive change, the study compared longitudinally personal specific cognition similarities and differences in terms of three periods, by using open code and axial code. Basing on longitudinal research perspective, the studyconducted grounded theory to explore cognition change from four participants for ten weeks. The study found they had similar cognitionin ” Entertainment & leisure”, and ” Social communication” at the t1 period. The end of t2 period, all of four participants shared with common cognition in”information sharing”, “social communication”, “perspective of psychology”, and “user behavior”. Keywords- Facebook, Cognitive Change, Schema
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