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Volume-2,Issue-10  ( Oct, 2016 )
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E-Learning as a Veritable Tool For Preparing Vocational Educators For Effective Teaching in Colleges of Education in Western Nigeria
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Idowu, Samson Adeshola, Ayanwole Adeyemi Ayanyemi, Edomi Taire
2 Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, Noforija. EPE. Lagos State Nigeria Federal Polytechnic, OKO. Anambra State
This study creates a keen impression of the E-Learning as a veritable tool for preparing vocational educators for effective teaching in colleges of education. E-learning or electronic learning, is education based on modern methods of communication including the computer and its networks, various audio-visual materials, search engines, electronic libraries and websites, whether accomplished in the classroom or at a distance. Generally speaking, this type of education is delivered through the medium of the World Wide Web where the educational institution makes its programmes and materials available on a special website in such a manner that students are able to make use of them and interact with them with ease through closed or shared networks, or the internet and through use of e-mail and online discussion groups. The findings of this study will be of benefit to me following bodies: vocational educators, students, government, school management, parent, business organization and researchers. One hundred vocational teachers drawn from three colleges of education in Lagos State of Nigeria constituted the population and seventy five vocational teachers were used as sample for the study. The study was guided by two research questions and two null hypotheses were formulated. The study utilized a validated four structured questionnaire with reliability co-efficient of 0.80 using Crombachy Alpha reliability test. Mean and standard deviation were used to analyze data collected in order to answer the research questions while the null hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance using Z-test statistics. It was found out from findings that education in Nigeria cannot be relevant without effective preparation of new generation of students to effectively use the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in their professional practices while, lack of fund to procure necessary technology for e-learning by vocational teachers also serve as hindrance to effective teaching of vocational education courses in colleges of education in Nigeria. It was recommended among others that vocational teachers, educators and students must change their mindset by seeing knowledge about e-technology as learning that cannot be avoided if they must fit in and survive in the current e- technological race. Keywords— E-learning, Vocational Educators, Effective Teaching, Audio-Visual Materials, Websites.
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