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Volume-2,Issue-1, Special Issue-1  ( Jan, 2016 )
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Cultural Commodification Of The Thai Wedding Ceremony
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Pacharanada Lerstbangphlat
Faculty of Economics Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
The cultural commodification of wedding ceremony has evolved being conducted solely by social relatives into that which involves wedding service providers and couples. This transformation is caused by the changes in wedding production industries and society, particularly by the change in the economic system from self-sufficiency to capitalism. The year 1957 is a significant turning point of the evolution of the traditional society into a modern Thai society, especially in Bangkok. This evolution has facilitated the expansion of business activities, including wedding ceremonies. Wedding– related businesses had progressed because of technological development, which reduced the transaction cost through a onestop service that offers convenience for couples. Currently, a wedding ceremony is performed not just for traditional purpose but mainly to represent the economic and social status of couples and their families. Consumption of status symbols has increased the price of a wedding ceremony far beyond necessity. Status symbols are showcased through pictures or videos that can be uploaded to social networks to show conspicuous consumption. Social media is a major channel that enables anyone to publish and widely access information and to present social status. Keywords— Commodification, Wedding Business, Cultural Industry.
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