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Volume-1,Issue-4  ( May, 2015 )
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Symmetric And Anti-Symmetric Solutions For The Potentials Of Standing Relativistic Bright Solitons
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Ebrahim Heidari
Department of Sciences, Bushehr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bushehr, Iran
Investigation of the standing relativistic bright solitons in two species plasmas is the main aim of this study. We derive a set of differential equations involving the scalar and vector potentials to describe the evolution of the system. Specially, standing electromagnetic solitary waves for the case of ultra relativistic two fluid plasma is obtained analytically. Also, the effect of fluid velocity at infinity on the profiles of the solitary waves is studied. It is shown that for a fixed value of the fluid velocity excited modes with more zeros in the profile of the vector potential show a higher magnitude for the scalar potential. An increase in the plasma fluid velocity also increases the magnitude of the scalar potential. Keywords- Standing Soliton, Symmetric and Anti-symmetric Solitons, Relativistic Soliton
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