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Volume-7,Issue-8  ( Aug, 2021 )
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Defining Legacy: A Critical Comparison of Legacy Literature Definitions and The Legacy Objectives of The 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup
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Raymond Davies
Department of People, Organisations and Practice, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
In 2022 the Gulf State of Qatar will host the 22nd FIFA World Cup. This tournament follows on from a series of sporting mega events where the principle of legacy is embedded within its delivery and purpose. While claims for creating legacies are widespread, understanding how legacy is actually defined and perceived is an area of research in its infancy, being commonly misunderstood and currently without consensus agreement. This study explores the scholarly analysis into legacy development as a research theme. An interpretative approach is adopted which explores and catalogues legacy definitions within academic literature and segments applied terminology through a definition category framework. Comparative analysis is then conducted with the defined objectives of a current legacy focused mega event (2022 Qatar World Cup). The research findingslead to the creation of a new legacy definition for the event and to add to the limited examples already existing within the literature. Keywords - Legacy, FIFA World Cup, Sporting Mega Events, Qatar
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