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Volume-7,Issue-1  ( Jan, 2021 )
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Advertising Prospects in GCC Countries: A Study with Salalah, Oman Advertising Market
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Sangeeta Tripathi
University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Salalah Sultanate of Oman
In this research paper, the researcher backgrounded growing global trade competitions and its significant impact on GCC Countries' business practices and tactics. The purpose of this study is to explore the status and the changing scenario of advertising in Oman. This research also argues about some issues affecting the Omani advertising industry to limit it to a particular advertising area. A quantitative method is applied. Two sets of questionnaires have been devised in Arabic and English languages to understand the respondents better. Through a random sampling technique, 50 advertising agencies and 100 mass communication majors’ students have participated in this survey. Through the electronic link, questionnaires have been distributed. SPSS software has been used to analyze the data. The remainder provides insightful findings that explain the requirements/ availability of skills, training programs, role models for the young generation, and the reasons for the uneven development of advertising industries in Oman. Keywords - Advertising, Business, Skills, Training.
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