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Volume-6,Issue-9  ( Sep, 2020 )
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The Impact of Leader’s Ethical Behavior on Employees’ Job Satisfaction and Mediating Role of Organizational Ethical Climate
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Hossam Korany Ahmed
Associate Professor, Department Chair, HRM Program, City University College of Ajman (CUCA), UAE
This study aims to examine the impact of crucial organizational component “Leader‟s Ethical Behavior on Employee‟s Job Satisfaction and the mediating role of Organizational Ethical Climate”. The study will be applied in The National Telecom Regulatory Authority In Egypt, The population for this study consisted of employees in all organizational levels, Leader‟s ethical behavior will assessed using Dimensional Ethical Leadership at Work (ELW) questionnaire originally designed by (Karianne et al. 2011), Job satisfaction will assessed using the measure originally designed by (Christyn L Dolbier et al, 2005), and Organizational Ethical Climate will be assessed using the measure originally designed by (Victor & Cullen, 1988) , The study will conclude some suggestions from literature. The population of this study composed of employees working in The National Telecom Regulatory Authority in Egypt, The questionnaires prepared with this scope were conducted by pollsters and applied to the employees in different managerial levels, 450 questionnaires were delivered in total, and 409 copies of them returned. After removing those questionnaires with incomplete information, 321 questionnaires were used for analysis. The analysis of the entire sample indicated a strong relation between the components of ethical leadership and the components of employees‟ job satisfaction. Keywords - Leader‟s Ethical Behavior (LEB), Ethical Behavior, Fairness, Integrity, Ethical Guidance, People Orientation, Power Sharing, Employees‟ Job Satisfaction (EJS), Organizational Ethical Climate (OEC).
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