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Volume-5,Issue-4  ( Apr, 2019 )
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Analysis of Households Sector's Economic Behaviour
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Stanislava Hronova, Richard Hindls, Lubos Marek
University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic
National accounts provide us with data concerning the economic behaviour of the households sector as a whole, or subdivided into the entrepreneur and consumer subsectors. Consumers make up the dominant component of this sector. It is usual that consumers' spending on final consumption and investments grows in times of economic growth. Recessions and crises are reflected in caution – lower consumption and less interest in investments and consequently in loans. When the signs of a crisis occur, small-scale producers in the households sector immediately reduce costs and investments, and try not to increase their indebtedness. This paper should help identify manifestations of these general observations concerning consumers' and producers' behaviour in the period from 2007 to 2016, namely, behaviour of households in the Czech Republic viewed as consumers and as entrepreneurs. Data concerning the households sector in the Czech Republic are utilised for this purpose and compared with data from France. Key words - National Accounts, Households, Final Consumption, Disposable Income
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