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Volume-4,Issue-4  ( Apr, 2018 )
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A study of Using Behavior Shuttle Bus Services and Guidelines for the Improvement and Development the Quality of Services
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Chantouch Wannathanom
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, SuanSunandhaRajabhat University
A study of using shuttle bus behavior and guidelines for the improvement and development the quality of services purpose was to investigate the behavior of bus services in Thailand to find the ways to improving and developing the quality of bus services. This study using quantitative research, coupled with qualitative research. The researcher collected data from 400 sample interviews which were associated with non-routine bus service. The statistics using for data analysis were frequency distributions and percentages that discussed the results and present them using descriptive statistics. The result of the study is found the reason that the tourists like to travel by single layer air-conditioned bus because the comfortable of the bus, it has wide area and they can sit or sleep comfortably. The tourists who prefer to travel by double layer air-conditioned bus give the reason that the bus is wide, larger space is comfortable, the seat is very large, soft and can be adjusted to sleep or sit more. Also, some bus has a massage cushion too. The bus is beautifully decorated both of inside and outside that tourists who like to travel by single layer and double layer air-conditioned bus have given the same reasons for the comfort of the seat, which is very large and very wide area. Most tourists want the driver to be courteous and in case of on safety is the most important. In terms of demand for on-board facilities, tourists are more likely to have a seat cushion that requires an enough backward adjustment to sit and sleep comfortably as much as possible. In terms of unpleasant experiences, the busiest bus service that will make the most sense is the unclean, inconvenient or discouraging toilet. In terms of bus quality issues and amenities, comfort and service, The most disturbing thing is the air conditioner on the bus, which is not cool after the tourists come on the bus. Moreover, there are the suggestions for improvement and development quality. which are that drivers or assistants need to coordinate with tour guides or car rental clients in time before the customer arrives by starting the air conditioning before the tourists arrive to keep the bus cool. And on the issue that most of tourists often request from the driver and assistants is ask them to turn on the movie and music. Finally, in terms of the most common obstacle to the performance of the duty of the staff to tourists is the fact that tourists asking for the toilet too often. The guidelines for improving and developing service quality in this regard is the driver or tour leader must tell the customer where to park at and how long they can go. If it is more necessary, the customers can use toilet on the bus so the toilet should be clean and can serve tourists to a certain extent. Index Terms - Behavior, Development, Guidelines, improvement, Quality, Shuttle Bus
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