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International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (IJEEDC)-IJEEDC
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Volume-5,Issue-8  ( Aug, 2017 )
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An Optimal Approach of Document Carrying Robot on Arduino Platform
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Adarsh K, Nikitha R Patil
Batchelor of Engineering, Electronics And Communication dept., Maharaja Institute of Technology, Mysore, India
This paper delineates the design and development of a machine to carry the confidential documents from the administrator to the finite number of users in one single floor of an institution, corporate office, libraries or any working areas. This machine continues on the black line emphasizing the accuracy and sharp turns using two adjacent wheels and a castor wheel. When we juxtapose and compare the Arduino UNO (atmega 328p) and Arduino MEGA (atmega 2560), MEGA prevails UNO in advantages like number of input output pins, processing speed and PWM pins. The overall motif of this design is to replace the derelict assistants working in the sectors and to have an agile work milieu between the employees. In this pilferage world, no commodities are secured and hence the usage of Biometric finger print sensors will overcome the interference of the intruders unauthorized persons to access the document carried by the Robot. The GSM module integrated in this system to achieve the ease in notifying. Keywords - Carrying, Pick And Place, Documents Security.
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